Liber Novus creates, plans and executes marketing and brand extension strategies for the newspaper and magazine industry. Based on readership interest, we develop collections of books, CDs, DVDs and other promotional products for kiosk sales, with a view to creating a new source of income, a rise in circulation or improving the image of a newspaper.
​ "Know how" and local experience

Our team launched the first kiosk collections in Central and South Eastern Europe. In the past fifteen years we have worked on highly successful projects in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Austria. We know the market, its characteristics, past promotions and the latest trends.

Strategic alliances and an international network

Our long list of partners is made up of world leaders in the publishing business (Editorial Planeta DeAgostini, Taschen, Dorling Kindersley, Bertelsmann, History Channel, BBC, McRae Publishing, Duncan Baird Publishers…), renowned printers such as Elcograf Italy – part of Gruppo Pozzoni or Beprinters Italy – Part of Bertelsmann Group, numerous promotional and collectible companies (RBA, JRB, Wottoline, Sol90…), whose clients are leading newspapers and magazines in Europe and South America. This international network provides us with worldwide experience in the industry, as well as with an excellent product range in our catalogue.

Full service and added value (conceptualization & final product)

We participate in the complete product definition cycle - from analysis and conceptualization to final development and delivery.
Our catalogue contains a large number of concepts and ideas, and is constantly being enlarged.

general, historical,musical sport, children’s, flora and fauna
geographic, historical, atlases of the human body
Musical collections
classical music, rock, pop, opera, jazz, blues
Language courses
books, DVDs, CDs, multimedia
Book collections
fiction, children’s books, best-sellers, biographies
on artists and major figures
DVD collections
movies, documentaries, series and classics
Other concepts
business, ancient civilizations, alternative medicine, yoga, photography…
legendary cars liber novus newspapers promotions provider

Legendary Cars

Models of the most popular automobiles of all time

thrillers by kathy reichs liber novus newspapers promotions provider

Thrillers by Kathy Reichs

Books that inspired the Bones crime series

shakespeare for kids liber novus newspapers promotions provider

Shakespeare for Kids

Learning through fun

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